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Hotel Da Stefano
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•The balcony of Juliet’s house, the symbol of
a beautiful yet tragic love story.

•The world famous Arena, during the summer
becomes a charming  setting for the opera.









A place known throughout  the world  as the „city of lovers”  the setting of the famous Shakespearian tragedy which immediately calls to mind the romantic image of that balcony onto which Juliet stepped out to talk to her beloved Romeo… A city whose aristocratic beauty is a timeless, unique blend  of Romanesque and medieval art and architecture and whose fame is closely linked to the majestic Arena, the Roman amphitheatre symbol of the city.

Verona is about 160 km from Eraclea Mare. Join the motorway in Noventa di Piave  direction Venice -Padova - Vicenza. Exit Verona Sud and follow the signs for city centre.