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Hotel Da Stefano
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Miramare Castle was one of the favourite
residences of Empress Elizabeth,
better known as Sissi.

Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, the imposing main
square facing the seafront,a monumental space
of extraordinary visual impact.









A city and a seaport built on a gulf between the sea and the mountains, a striking  landscape composed of opposite elements creating one of the most unique place on the Adriatic coast. A historical crossroad for European art and culture whose former greatness can still be seen in the form of its imposing  neo-classical and liberty buildings, a timeless atmosphere where the Roman and Medieval architecture  blend with the Austro-Hungarian influences creating a cosmopolitan city. On a cliff high above the sea surrounded by a magnificent garden stands the fairy-tale Castle of  Miramare, overlooking the sea offering  the visitor a breathtaking view.

Trieste is about 130km  from EracleaMare, take the A4motorway in Noventa di Piave direction Trieste.