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Hotel Da Stefano
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Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel,
the legend says that the statue of the
Virgin Mary with the Child was found by some
fishermen who had noticed  a light on the sea.

•Typical pastel painted houses
in the old town and in the background
the Romanic cylindrical bell tower.









Being a modern touristic resort, this charming 'little Venice' has succeeded in keeping intact its seafaring identity over the years,  a fishing village deeply related to its traditions. A  place whose history and culture immediately reveal themselves to the visitor as he reaches the old town centre walking through the narrow alleys surrounded by the bright colours of the houses  and  the picturesque  sails of the traditional boats in the ancient fishing port .The cylindrical  bell tower in Romanesque style dominates the overall view, a symbol for the residents, as is the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel built on a little promontory overlooking the sea, a protection and a guide for the fishermen.

Caorle is only 15 km from Eraclea Mare, you can easily reach the town by car or by Atvo Bus.